3 credit hours
This is a special topics course and requires instructor’s permission to register.

You will design an operating system from boot to running a process throughout the semester. COSC690 students will be required to read and implement research in related fields. COSC594 students will just be required to implement basic operating systems.

Typical topics may encounter during this course are as follows:

  • Setting up build environment
  • RISC-V boot process
  • Peripheral interfaces
  • UART communication
  • Traps
  • Core-local interrupts
  • Platform-level interrupts
  • Memory allocators
  • Memory management unit (RISC-V’s Sv39)
  • System calls
  • Privilege modes
  • Processes
  • Block I/O
  • Filesystems
  • Application library
  • Applications

NOTE: The special topics course is a variable-credit typed course. Students MUST select 3 credit hours when registering.